Time-Limited offer

Floating license: 4500SEK / 450EUR per license and year.

Email your order to license@bimxplorer.com and pay by invoice

An online payment system is currently under development. In the meantime we are offering companies to buy Floating licenses and pay by invoice. Contact license@bimxplorer.com to place your order. Please see the details below.

Order details

-Price per Floating license: 4500SEK / 450EUR per year

-To order one or multiple Floating license(s), please send the required number of license(s) together with your company details (i.e. billing address and VAT-number) to license@bimxplorer.com

License details:

-A Floating license can be used on several different computers owned by your organization (with the maximum concurrent users limited to the number of floating licenses that your organization holds).

-Floating licenses follow a subscription model, where updates and upgrades are free of charge during the period of subscription. 

-The price is not including VAT (or any additional taxes that may apply for your region).

For all the details, please see the full End-User License Agreement (EULA):



Node-locked licenses are NO longer available for purchase! The notes below ONLY applies to companies that already holds node-locked licenses:

-A Node-locked license is bound to a single computer and cannot be transferred. However, any number of different users within your organization can use BIMXplorer on that computer.

-Updates are free of charge for Node-locked licenses. If you hold a valid license for the previous version of BIMXplorer, the same license key can be used to activate the updated version. Updates will require a new installation.

-A Node-locked license is perpetual (no time-limitation) with respect to the current version as well as updates.

-Upgrades are NOT free of charge for Node-locked licenses.