Oculus Quest 2 and Link

Version 1.5.8

Published: January 5th, 2021


Using BIMXplorer with Oculus Quest 2 and the Link Cable

This guide assumes that you have successfully connected the Oculus Quest 2 to you PC computer with the Link Cable. It also assumes that you are using a VR-ready computer with a NVIDIA graphics card.

1) In the Oculus Desktop App (on the PC) you have to allow “Unknown Sources”:

Settings -> General -> Allow Unknown Sources

2) With the Oculus Quest connected through Link, start BIMXplorer, and load a model.

3) In Quest, you may get a “Access to files on this device” question. Click Deny (or Don't show this again).

4) In Quest, go to Settings (cogwheel icon) -> Unit/Device -> Activate Oculus Link (you may also get a question about activating Link directly)

5) You may end up in a “Oculus empty space with a control bar in front of you” environment. Just click on the blue/cyan colored BIMXplorer icon (ViewerDotNet.exe) to go to the BIMXplorer VR environment.

6) This is important! IF you experience bad framerate/performance, go to NVIDIA settings (right-click on Desktop, choose NVIDIA Control Panel), go to “Manage 3D Settings”, go to “Vertical sync” and select “Fast”. Click Apply in lower right corner. NOTE: you need to restart BIMXplorer and Oculus Destop App in order for NVIDIA settings to take effect. (The NVIDIA setting should not be needed in a perfect world, but for now there are some issues with the Oculus drivers and Quest/Link. Anyway, you should get silky smooth performance in BIMXplorer, and if not, you need to change this NVIDIA setting)