BIMXplorer 1.5.6 Setup

Version 1.5.6

Published: April 17th, 2020


-Fixed missing fonts/icons for the VR GUI when BIMXplorer is started from Revit


-Simplified open/add/import interface. Regardless of file-type (IFC, grx, 3ds, etc.) you now have the option of:

  • Open - Select one or multiples files to view
  • Add - Select one or multiples files that will be ADDED to the current scene

-Coordinate systems should now align correctly regardless of file-type.

Note: It is still possible to load .grx-files saved from a previous version of BIMXplorer. However, there might be issues when adding new files to an existing file created with a previous version of BIMXplorer (coordinate systems may not always align, depending on how the existing file was imported). For best results, do a clean import of IFC-files!



-Faster loading/saving of .grx-files (BIMXplorer's proprietary file format)

-Reduced file size on disk (.grx-files)

-Added a missing texture for the ruler



-New Tools Palette



-Move section planes interactively

-Turn filters ON/OFF in VR

-Turn shadows ON/OFF in VR

-Revit 2020 support

-Support for Oculus Rift S


Note #1:

VR-mode is currently only supported on NVIDIA graphics cards!

Note #2:

"Motion Smoothing" in OpenVR (HTC Vive) may lead to "shimmering" effects. Depending on scene, it may be better to turn this feature OFF!