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Version 1.5.6 is out!

Version 1.5.6 is out!

Posted on April 17th, 2020 in News by Mikael

-Fixed missing fonts/icons in the VR GUI when BIMXplorer is started from Revit

Note #1: Running BIMXplorer directly from Revit 2020 may lead to periodic frame rate drops (due to Revit background processes). Saving the file (.grx) and open in standalone version of BIMXplorer will solve such issues.

Note #2: VR-mode is currently only supported on NVIDIA graphics cards!

Note #3: "Motion Smoothing" in OpenVR (HTC Vive) may lead to "shimmering" effects. Depending on scene, it may be better to turn this feature OFF!



Version 1.5.5:

-Simplified open/add/import interface. Regardless of file-type (IFC, grx, 3ds, etc.) you now have the option of:

  • Open - Select one or multiples files to view
  • Add - Select one or multiples files that will be ADDED to the current scene

-Coordinate systems should now align correctly regardless of file-type.

Note #1: It is still possible to load .grx-files saved from a previous version of BIMXplorer. However, there might be issues when adding new files to an existing file created with a previous version of BIMXplorer (coordinate systems may not always align, depending on how the existing file was imported). For best results, do a clean import of IFC-files!


Version 1.5.4:

-Faster loading/saving of .grx-files (BIMXplorer's proprietary file format)

-Reduced file size on disk (.grx-files)

-Added a missing texture for the ruler


Version 1.5.3:

Watch the new VR-interface #1

Watch the new VR-interface #2

-New Tools Palette



-Move section planes interactively

-Turn ON/OFF filters in VR

-Revit 2020 support

-Support for Oculus Rift S 


Version 1.5.1:

-Revit 2019 support


Version 1.5.0:

-Faster IFC-import (geometry)

-MUCH faster extraction of IFC PropertySets (enabled by default now)

-Improved handling of reinforcement bars from IFC-files 


Version 1.4.9:

-3D snapping (vertex, edge, and plane) during distance measurements

-Section plane outlines

-SketchUp importer

-Better hide/unhide in VR (support for undo)

-Improved performance/smoothness with HTC Vive

-Automatically detect NVIDIA graphics cards on Optimus (laptop) systems


Version 1.4.6:

-New Filtering Manager: Control visibility/color on objects based on type/properties/rules

-Save 3D-labels (separate file, no need to resave complete model)

-Faster loading of .grx files

-Faster loading of IFC-files with Property Sets

-Load multiple IFC-files at once 


Version 1.4.5:

-New, faster rendering engine

-Sun shadows and HDR

-Revit 2018 Support

-Faster export from Revit

-More interactivity in VR:

Create 3D-labels with measurements and properties

Create section plane

Hide/unhide objects/links

Take snapshots

-Native support for Oculus Touch (no need for SteamVR)

-Updated IFC-import with full support for object colors (and reinforcement bars from Tekla) 


Version 1.3.4:

-Initial support for floating licenses. Contact license@bimxplorer.com for more information.

-Added a ray for the teleport navigation in VR to make it more clear for the user where he/she is pointing at.

-Added a Graphics Settings Dialog to enable/disable SSAO and sky. Both are now on by default if the OpenGL version is at least 4.3. These settings are saved.

-Fixed a bug that made the Vive controllers not show up on some NVIDIA Quadro cards as well as improved rendering performance in VR on NVIDIA Quadro cards.

-Fixed a problem that made the trigger not work on Oculus Touch when both triggers on the Touch were pressed.

-Added possibility to hide/unhide selected objects by pressing h/u on the keyboard.

-Fixed a bug in the IFC-importer that made some models not align correctly.


Version 1.3.3:

-Improved performance when starting BIMXplorer from Revit (especially for linked files)

-Removed a bug that would make BIMXplorer crash on some systems with low-end graphics cards


Version 1.6.0 is out!

Posted on February 1st, 2021 in News by Mikael


Version 1.5.8 is out!

Posted on August 26th, 2020 in News by Mikael


Version 1.5.1 is out!

Posted on April 24th, 2019 in News by Mikael