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Version 1.7.6 is out!

Version 1.7.6 is out!

Posted on August 2nd, 2023 in Featured by Mikael

-Improved filtering (include/exclude)

-IFC export (selected/visible/everything)

-Revit 2023 and 2024 support

-FBX import

-Updated SketchUp importer

-(Yes, you can now import FBX- or SketchUp-files and then export to IFC)

-Improved rendering performance

-Improved IFC importer

-Quantities calculated from geometry during IFC-import

-Improved support for touch-screens (navigation, interaction, etc.)


Note #1: VR-mode is currently only supported on NVIDIA graphics cards!

Note #2: Running BIMXplorer directly from Revit 2021-2024 may lead to periodic frame rate drops (due to Revit background processes). Saving the file (.bmx) and open in standalone version of BIMXplorer will solve such issues.


Previous versions (1.7.2):

-Support for VIVE Focus 3

NOTE: The VIVE Business Streaming Software is needed in order to use the HMD together with a PC


-BCF support

-Native support for joystick navigation on HP Reverb G1/G2

-Revit 2022 support

-New efficient file format (.bmx). Faster to load and typically only 10-20% of old file format size.

-Improved rendering performance

-Improved IFC importer

-Support for touch-screens (navigation, interaction, etc.)



-Multi-User support (beta)

-Set section plane from IFC storeys/levels

-"Quick jump" to specific storey/level

-Revit 2021 support

-Improved IFC importer and faster loading of .grx-files


Watch the new Multi-User interface #1:


Watch the new Multi-User interface #2:



Multi-User quick start:

1) Works only with floating licenses

2) No in-built voice-chat (will come in next version). Use Discord (www.discord.com) or Teams, etc. and select VR-headset headphones/microphone

3) Connect with or without VR headset (i.e. Desktop mode also supported)

4) Make sure everybody loads the same file!

5) Select a meeting ID, like "Company A 123" (or generate a unique one at Collaboration->Generate New Meeting ID...)

6) Go to Collaboration->Connect to Meeting...

7) Type Meeting ID (make sure everybody uses the same meeting ID)

8) Choose a nickname

9) Click "Connect"

10) Have meeting!

11) Go to Collaboration->Disconnect from Meeting when you're done


View large models in real-time

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Posted on October 8th, 2016 in Featured by Mikael


IFC import

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