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From BIM to VR

BIMXplorer is a fast and easy-to-use real-time viewer specifically designed to handle large and complex Building Information Models (BIM). It works as a plugin to Autodesk Revit as well as a standalone application that can import IFC files (Industry Foundation Classes). With a single click, BIMXplorer makes it possible to walk around in a BIM similar to a 3D game, either in a regular desktop mode or using a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) such as Oculus Rift, Quest, or HTC Vive.

openBIM and IFC support

BIMXplorer has native support for IFC2x3 and IFC4 files, including properties and other non-geometric objects. Powerful filtering features allow custom color-coding of federated BIMs by model and object properties. In addition, BIMXplorer support both IFC- and BCF-file export for integration within the openBIM ecosystem.

Rift | Quest | Vive | Reverb | Focus

BIMXplorer was developed for immersive VR already from the start, with high performance rendering of massive BIMs and powerful VR tools, such as sectioning, 3D-markups, measuring, and filtering. All the major HMDs are supported and also multi-user collaboration.

Revit plugin support

BIMXplorer comes with a Revit Addin that allows VR sessions to be started directly from within the BIM authoring environment. Compared to using the IFC import route, the Revit Addin also supports better materials and textures. FBX, SKP, and 3DS are other texture-supported file-formats that BIMXplorer can import.

Immersive Exploration of Complex BIM Models: BIMXplorer's Seamless Experience

Navigate heavy BIM models with the fluidity of a real 3D game. BIMXplorer empowers you to explore intricate architectural details seamlessly, bringing large and complex models to life in a remarkably interactive and engaging manner.

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Version 1.7.6 is out!

In this announcement, we are excited to introduce the latest software updates, which have been meticulously designed to elevate user experience and productivity.

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Version 1.6.0 is out!

In this update release, we are pleased to unveil several notable improvements, including the ability to set section planes from IFC storeys/levels, a convenient "quick jump" feature for specific storeys/levels, enhanced support for Revit 2021, and significant enhancements to the IFC importer, resulting in faster loading of .grx-files.