Time-Limited offer

Floating license: 4500SEK / 450EUR per license and year.

Online payment is coming

An online payment system is currently under development. In the meantime we are offering companies to buy Floating licenses and pay by invoice. Contact license@bimxplorer.com to place your order. Please see the details below.



-Downloading and installing BIMXplorer on a new computer will start a 30-day Trial Period. After or during the Trial Period you will have the option of activating BIMXplorer by purchasing a Floating license.

-A Floating license can be used on several different computers owned by your organization (with the maximum concurrent users limited to the number of floating licenses that your organization holds).

-Floating licenses follow a subscription model, where updates and upgrades are free of charge during the period of subscription. 

-The price is not including VAT (or any additional taxes that may apply for your region).

Contact license@bimxplorer.com for more information.

For all the details, please see the full End-User License Agreement (EULA):



Node-locked licenses are NO longer available for purchase! The notes below ONLY applies to companies that already holds node-locked licenses:

-A Node-locked license is bound to a single computer and cannot be transferred. However, any number of different users within your organization can use BIMXplorer on that computer.

-Updates are free of charge for Node-locked licenses. If you hold a valid license for the previous version of BIMXplorer, the same license key can be used to activate the updated version. Updates will require a new installation.

-A Node-locked license is perpetual (no time-limitation) with respect to the current version as well as updates.

-Upgrades are NOT free of charge for Node-locked licenses.